fireonice double

Bijan Fire on Ice Double (silver)

Price Aug 01, 1997
Including Postage to USA $15.00
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CD-1 (Vocal)

1.Shekayat (Grievance)

2.Deldadegi (Fall In Love)

3.Dayereh Vojood (Circle of Life)

4.Kashfe Atash (Fire Discovery)

5.Eshgho Tannafor (Love and Hate)

6.Nasime Ashegh (Beloved’s Breeze)

7.Marefate Eshgh (Mercy of Love)

8.Yare Nazi (My Darling)

CD-2 (Instrumental)

1.Violin Solo
2.Atash Roye Yakh (Fire On Ice)

3.Harmonie Shargh Va Gharb(East West Harmony)

4.Bose Zemestani (Winter’s Kiss)

5.Amvaj (Waves)

6.Golzar (Paradise)

7.Marefate Eshgh & Nasime Oghyanoos